You're Welcome Here.

            No matter who you are...
No matter where you are on life's journey...

What We Believe

Our Mission

The members of Eden Church worship God and strive to follow Christ’s example by welcoming all, seeking God’s wisdom, growing spiritually, caring for each other, enriching our neighborhood, and sharing the good news of God’s creative and unfolding work in the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow in spirit, fellowship, and number by offering many opportunities for spiritual growth; by becoming a more culturally diverse congregation; by strengthening our capacity to serve our neighbors; by caring for each other as Christ cares for us; by inviting others to be a part of our community of faith; and by working to transform individual lives and our community through the power of God’s love in human action.

Our Values

In order to fulfill our mission and realize our vision, Eden Church strives to embrace and express the following core values:

  • Worship and spiritual practice that are both traditional and contemporary
  • Religious education for all that is grounded in a progressive theology
  • Caring relationships that honor differences and foster unity and growth
  • Enriching experiences for children and youth in our church and community
  • Programs and partnerships that serve those in need while addressing the root causes of social problems
  • Being a true sanctuary that nurtures and protects all participants, especially the most vulnerable among us

We’re a welcoming church where you won’t be told what to believe because we feel that the way we treat one another is more important than holding uniform beliefs. And while the Bible is important to our faith, it is not the last word. We believe that God is Still Speaking through science, nature, personal experience, other faith traditions and more.

Pastor Arlene with little girl