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Lessons Learned

Social justice has always been at the heart of my understanding of the gospel and the Christian calling; but what is required and how long it takes to realize any semblance of God’s hope for this world has changed. 

For starters, I have been humbled over the years by the staggering amount of time, patience, and persistence required to experience any sense of progress when addressing stubborn problems in the church and in society. 

When I was younger, I naively thought that meaningful change could happen in a year or two, but now I know better. Not only does meaningful change take years, even decades to unfold, there are no guarantees that the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice unless we grab hold of the arc, and bend it and hold it in place. 

The dream of a New Cherryland School is a case in point.  

On August 20, 2019, from 5-7 pm, our community will gather to celebrate the Grand Opening of our new school. I plan to be there along with a cast of thousands. I hope that you will be too.

I wager that not many at that celebration will fully appreciate what has been required to reach this milestone, but I’ve got pictures of a few who will. Some of them were in diapers. All of them attended more school board meetings before they were age 12 than most adults will attend in a lifetime. Many are also now Hayward High alumni/ae. 

That’s right. It took so long to realize the dream of a new Cherryland School that most of the kids who worked the longest and hardest for it will never get to attend a class there.

Some days I’m discouraged by this thought. But other days, like today, I am reminded that these Cherryland alumni/ae may have learned an important life lesson through their advocacy for the new school. They may have learned that anything worth doing takes more than a lifetime to complete, and that the moral life is not about getting what one deserves. It’s about finding common cause, and pursuing the greater good for all.