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A labyrinth is an ancient pattern of circuits and turns that has been used in many traditions for meditation and ritual. Some of the earliest examples of labyrinths have been found in Greece, dating back as far as 2500 BCE. The earliest example of a Christian labyrinth was found in a fourth-century basilica in Algeria. Perhaps the best-known example of a Christian labyrinth is the eleven-circuit one laid into the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France, built between 1194 and 1260 CE.

A labyrinth is not a maze, with many choices of paths and dead-ends and tricks. Rather, it is “unicursal,” meaning there is only one path that leads into the center of the design and back out again. Walking the labyrinth can become symbolic of the Christian journey, of finding the path to God. With no choices to make about which path to take, one surrenders to the journey and the divine guidance that can come by reaching the center. For many, the labyrinth experience is used as a spiritual tool for prayer, meditation, and healing.

Eden Church installed a Chartres-style seven-circuit labyrinth in October 2002. Made of green and gray terrazzo, this scaled-down version of the Chartres labyrinth allows us to fit the labyrinth into our available courtyard space while maintaining the symbolism of the original. The labyrinth is open Monday through Friday during business hours and following worship on Sunday. The labyrinth is also available for retreats and special events.

A personal introduction and guided labyrinth walk can also be scheduled with our facilitator. To make arrangements, call the church office or send an email to our Office Manager.

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