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Giving Time & Talent

To learn about volunteer opportunities and to contribute your valuable time and particular talents contact our Office Manager.  In addition, watch for our annual Time & Talent commitment card and return in person or by mail to the church.  You can also sign up in person for volunteer opportunities in the fall at our Service Enlistment Fair.

Planned Giving

Our Board of Trustees, in cooperation with the United Church of Christ, is developing a planned giving ministry for Eden Church. Through these gifts we help ensure that the ministry of Eden Church continues to grow while we are alive and well and able to share the yoke of ministry, and long after we have gone to God.

Pledges & Gifts

The mission and ministry of Eden Church is largely funded by contributions from members and friends, who make annual estimates of giving, called “pledges.” Our aggregated pledges provide church leaders with a reasonable basis for developing an annual budget. Click here to download the latest pledge form and see our FAQs for more information.


Giving statements are produced for members on a quarterly, calendar-year, fiscal-year, and as-requested basis. Contact the church office if you would like to meet privately with a church leader about your financial commitment or giving statement, or for more information about how pledges and gifts are acknowledged, managed, and utilized.

We Value Your Privacy

At Eden, we value your privacy and do not share members and friends contact or contribution information without express permission. Access to information about donors’ financial pledges and gifts is held in confidence by a small group of people authorized by the Church Council to handle these matters on behalf of the church. For more information about Eden’s financial policies and confidentiality policy, please contact any officer of the church or our Senior Minister.

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