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Music At Eden

Music Director

Dr. Jessie Wenchieh Lo, Organist & Pianist

Instrumental Music

Eden’s Swain & Kate’s pipe organ was designed in Germany and purchased and installed in the Sanctuary in 1965. The organ has a full pedal and three manual keyboards with thirty-three ranks and 44 stops, allowing for an enormous variety of instrumental sounds. The Great is unenclosed and the Swell and Choir are enclosed. The console was rebuilt, a MEDI system was added, the action was digitized, and the resonators and acoustical cloth were replaced in 2013-2014.

Piano accompaniment on the Baldwin and Steinway grand pianos are a frequent feature of Sunday, memorial, and wedding services. Instruments heard at holiday and other special services include brass, woodwinds, strings, handbells, Orff keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, synthesizer, and drums.

You’re Invited to Join Our Music Ministry!

Are you interested in shaping the musical landscape at Eden? Are you willing to serve God through active participation and spiritually fulfilling experience?

Eden Choir Schedule: The Choir continues with a new rehearsal schedule at 9am and 11:30am every Sunday. All are welcome to stop by and sing! For more information, contact our Music Director & Organist Dr. Jessie Lo.

Eden Music Program: Eden’s music program provides a wide variety of musical styles and welcomes one and all to serve in the Ministry of Music. Interested in playing instrumental music? Interested in singing? Join the Eden choir! If you’d like to be a part of the music making process for certain services but have little prior knowledge of music? You are welcome to sign up with Dr. Jessie Lo to coordinate repertoire and schedule.


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