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The Cherryland and South Garden Youth Investment Roundtable is a community-based collaborative seeking to reduce violence and improve school and community safety by advocating for and designing youth and parent investment programs in our schools, and by advocating for job training and employment opportunities for young people in our community.

The Roundtable was founded at Eden Church in April 2011, and launched the Hayward High School Youth & Parent Investment Initiative in May 2011 and the Job Training & Jobs Initiative in June 2011.

Roundtable leaders have advocated for increased health services for youth at Hayward High School (HHS). As a result of our efforts, health services have tripled since April 2011 and are now coordinated by a COST team under the principal’s direction. We continue to advocate for the establishment of a Federally Qualified Health Clinic on the HHS campus.

During the winter of 2011-2012, Roundtable leaders facilitated a communitywide strengths and needs assessment, and a marketing study. Results of these processes now undergird Comida para Cherryland’s nonprofit business model.

In October 2013, Roundtable leaders launched a dialogue with local law enforcement officials about ways to improve safety and the health of our community, and we advocated for a review and revision of the Hayward Unified School District’s Volunteer and Visitor Policies. The review is currently underway.

The Roundtable is grateful to Supervisors Nate Miley (ACD-4), and Nadia Lockyear and Richard Valle (ACD-2), the Hayward Unified School District, Hayward High School community, and Alameda County Healthcare Services Agency, Tiburcio Vasquez Heath Care, Inc., and the numerous institutional partners, public employees and community leaders who continue to participate in our endeavors.

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1633 East Ave., Hayward, CA 94541
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Eden Church

The Rev. Dr. Arlene K. Nehring
Senior Minister, Eden UCC

Yuliana Wiser-Leon
Compañeras Ministry Coordinator (Spanish/English)