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Easter Ahead : Keep Re-Lenting!

Since Ash Wednesday, we’ve been asking our members and friends to use Lent as a time to reflect on what’s important in life, to resist everyday evil that plays to our worst selves, and to refuse those people, situations, issues, and habits that bring out our worst.

Our “Re-Lent” bulletin board in our Narthex niche, where members and friends are invited to post their responses, is getting a little crowded – in a good way. I’m loving all the interesting answers that people of all ages have posted and find myself checking the board each morning for new responses. If you haven’t had time to check it out, here’s some highlights:

Our friends and neighbors are reflecting on their mortality, restoration, their intentions and how to move forward, their sense of fear, and on ways of being kinder to themselves and others.

They are resisting negative thoughts, complacency, worrying about the future, cynicism and judgment, isolating one’s self, and exhaustion as a status symbol or expectation.

And, they are refusing Facebook, red meat, to absorb negativity, to complain, to be bullied and to settle.

Wow! I know behind every posting is not only a story, but a person who is striving to be a whole and happy person as well as a faithful Christian, neither of which is very easy when one is juggling work, parenting, caring for parents, relationships, and community responsibility. I find myself touching each paper and saying a prayer for the person who wrote it, hoping that they find someone to share their Lenten journey with and that this process of reflection brings them peace and a renewal of their spirit.

By the time you read this, we’ll still have two more weeks of Lent to go. May God bless your “re-lenting” and may all of your reflections, resistances, and refusals prepare you to rejoice when, on Easter morning, we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, who himself was a master of reflection, resistance, and refusal.

–Pastor Pepper