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Don’t Be a Stranger!

Being from a large Southern family, my father had some fun ways of inviting family and friends to come to our house or to join us for an activity.  Here’s some examples of his Southern hospitality: 

“Y’all come!” was probably the most frequent expression Dad used, especially for inviting friends and families to visit us for a family event, like a picnic or party.

“The door’s always open!”  This was one of Dad’s favorite ways for stressing that someone was welcome to come and see us anytime.  It was his way of saying someone shouldn’t wait for an invitation.

“Keep me company?” Raised in a large family, my father almost always wanted company to go with him, even if it was just to the hardware store.  

My favorite Dad-ism, however, was “Don’t be a stranger!”  Even as a child, I understood this was a special way of inviting someone to consider our home, their home and to consider themselves part of our family. When Dad said, “Don’t be a stranger!” it meant he loved you and he wanted to see you more often.

In Sept, Eden Church members will have several opportunities to practice their own family brand of hospitality. 

On Saturday, Sept 9, invite someone to “keep you company” at the Gay Asian Pacific Islander Men’s Chorus Concert at 8 pm in Oakland.  Both you and your guests can join other Eden members for this small group excursion.  

On Sunday, Sept 17, our fun & festive Open House Sunday is a great reason to invite your friends and family members to come to church with you.  Roanoke Revival, a local bluegrass band featuring banjo, rhythm guitar, and a vocalist, will be returning to worship at 10 am.  After worship, you and your guests can join us in Oliver Hall for lunch, information fair, kids’ activities, and some very creative ice-breakers.

And, on Monday, Sept 25, our Fall Bible Study kicks off at 10 am and 7 pm.  Invite a friend to join you for our new video-based program featuring seven contemporary Christian thinkers exploring the relevance of the Holy Bible for our time.

Regardless of whether you say, “Y’all come!” or “Don’t be a stranger!” inviting your friends and family to Eden Church is a wonderful way to let them know you love them and hope to see them soon!

–Pastor Pepper